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Kipor forklifts are sold and distributed throughout South Africa with full after sales service, support and parts provided on all our forklift products. We have a dedicated forklift division offering forklift sales, service, parts, and maintenance contracts.


KIPOR Forklifts South Africa makes it easy to get all your forklift requirements met with the professionalism and customer orientated attitude that has become part of KIPOR Forklifts core values. Our electric forklifts and diesel forklifts can cater for all your needs.



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We are known for the quality and durability of our product and have established the KIPOR name in South Africa since 1998. Our superior after sales service will keep you a happy client of ours for many years to come.


KIPOR forklifts are a reliable, durable product with great back up and support structures in place.




Choosing the Right Forklift


Modern technology allows not only for convenience and safety, but also for increased productivity in a warehousing or storage area. Procuring a suitable forklift for a specific operation might sound easy, but there are common factors to take into consideration when deciding which lifting equipmentshould be acquired for specific tasks:


What are the properties of the materials that have to be lifted?


It is important to understand the properties (load) of the materials that have to be lifted. Forklift capacity is affected by the height that the materials have to be lifted and the size of the load. lt is also important to include the dimensions ofthe load, as this will affect the size of the truck selected.


How will the materials be stored?



The way materials are stored also plays a role in determining the type of forklift required. Potato farmers are obligated to store heavy loads at high levels in extreme conditions, such as uneven terrain, plenty of dust and temperature controlled environments, which does not allow much room to manoeuvre. This differs vastly from a warehouse requiring storage at a high level where pickers are hoisted to break bulk in order to select merchandise.


How will the materials be received and shipped?


Shipping materials from a loading dock allows for more space than materials that have to be received and shipped from a cold room. This will affect the size, lifting capacity and manoeuvrability of the forklift required.



What is the weight of materials that have to be lifted?


Bigger is not always better in the materials handling business. You could easily reason that you just get a bigger forklift for heavier loads. Bigger forklifts require more space to move and may cost more, which is not the most suitable solution where heavy materials have to be moved in small spaces.


At which height must the materials be stored?


Lift height and load size determines the capacity of a forklift. A bigger load size moves the forklift's centre of gravity, reducing the lifting capacity, making the height at which the materials have to be stored just as important as the load.



Other factors


Once the properties of the materials are determined, the capabilities and options of the lifting equipment should be evaluated. How the forklift is powered (petrol, diesel, electric), mast options, aisle type, safety features and many other factors have to be taken into consideration when determining which forklift to select.


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 Most forklift sales in South Africa are made in the following areas: Gauteng - Johannesburg, Pretoria, Kwazulu Natal - Durban, Western Cape - Cape Town, Eastern Cape - Port Elizabeth, East London, Free State - Bloemfontein, Limpopo - Polokwane, Mpumalanga, North West - Rustenburg, Northern Cape. 


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