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Kipor KDF 20 Diesel Forklift


Rated load weight of 2000kg
Load center of 500mm
Length of 2625mm
Lifting height of 78mm
Min. Turning of 2645mm
Width of 1160mm


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Kipor KDF 25 Diesel Forklift

Kipor KDF 25 Diesel Forklift


2500kg Rated load weight
Load center of 500mm
Length of 2625mm
Lifting height of 78mm
Min. Turning of 2645mm
Width of 1160mm


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Kipor KDF 35 Diesel Forklift

Kipor KDF 35 Diesel Forklift


 3500kg Rated load weight
500mm Load center
Length of 2790mm
Width of 1240mm
Min. Turning radius of 2435mm
Total weight of 4480kg


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Kipor KDF 50 Diesel Forklift

Kipor KDF 50 Diesel Forklift


 5000kg Rated load weight
500mm Load center
Length of 3230mm
2270mm Canopy guard height
Engine rated power/speed 51.5/2200


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Kipor KDF 70 Diesel Forklift


7000kg Rated load weight
600mm Load center
Length to fork face of 3580mm
2450mm Canopy guard height
Engine Isuzu - A-6BG1QC
Rated Output/r.p.m (kW) 82/2000


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Diesel Forklifts are robust and durable solutions to your forklift requirements.



Kipor Diesel Forklifts understands your needs, and that's why we've introduced the KDF series diesel forklift trucks. These trucks features high stability as well as innovations in safety and productivity, which combine with Kipor's excellent reputation for quality built products.


Through these diesel forklifts, once again, Kipor ingenuity and engineering have been combined to introduce new and dramatic advancements in design. Advancements not limited to new safety features, but including overall forklift operation and performance as well.




Forklift Horizontal Control (Optional)

When the forklift is working, it can be kept at the horizontal position, easy for loading or unloading goods. The working efficiency is greatly improved.


Speed Control Function (Optional)

The mast’s tilt speed and forklift’s travel speed will be controlled when the mast is at high goods allocation, improving the operation security.


Fork Lockup Function (Optional)

Whether the starting switch is on or off, the fork will be locked when the driver is not on the seat, so that forklift accidents are avoided.




Induction Device


If the driver leaves the seat during traveling or in the case of incorrect sitting position, the forklift will automatically stop unloading or traveling.


Steering Synchronization System (Optional)

The steering synchronization ensures smooth steering and easier operation.


Speed Control at Sharp Turn (Optional)

The traveling speed will be automatically controlled in the case of sharp turn, and the steering device is locked.


Automatic Load Measurement (Optional)

The lifting system will automatically measure the load, if the measured load exceeds the rated load,

it will give an alarm.




High Strength and Overall Pressing Canopy Guard

The canopy guard applies overall pressing and the front/rear column applies irregular section steel. The integrated intensity is strengthened and the forklift looks more beautiful.


Cushion Control Function-lift (Optional)

When the fork drops to the ground or rises to the top, the cushion device will effectively prevent the service wear.


Cushion Control Function-descent (Optional)

When the fork drops to the ground, the cushion device will effectively prevent the service wear.


Neutral Gear Locking

Start the forklift only when it keeps in the neutral position.


Safety Indication Lamps

Eye-catching safety indication lamps ensure safe traveling.


Shutter Protection

The ventilating opening is functioned with effectively shutter protection, reducing the radiator damage.




Simple and Multifunctional Operation Panel

Read the operation information clearly and easily on the multifunctional LCD panel.


Super-wide Vision

The lift cylinder is installed behind of the mast. This optimal design successfully widens both the

mast’s width and driver’s vision.


Excellent All-round Visibility

Simple and clear operation panel ensures excellent

all-round visibility for the driver.


Adjustable Steering Column

The inclination angle of steering column could be adjusted to give the driver the most comfort.


Commodious Cab

The cab is expanded due to the arc design of front/rear column. The driver will feel more comfortable

in case of long-time operation.


More Legroom

The forklift has a lot more legroom.


Wide Entrance and Low Pedal

The wide entrance and low pedal make it easier to get on/off the forklift, especially in the case of busy operation.


Comfortable Suspended Seat

Appling the new type of suspended seat, adjust the bearing capacity according to the weight, and provide the most comfort. The moving range is as for as 150mm.


Foot brake System

Step on the brake to stop the forklift and then unlock it by another step. It is very convenient and no need to change the sitting position.


Fingertip Control System (Optional)

Advanced intelligent fingertip control system, adjust the forklift specifications according to the driver’s stature and provide the most comfort. The working efficiency, as well as the energy use ratio is greatly improved.




87°Engine Cover Opening

Big engine cover opening leads to easy inspection and maintenance.


High Position Air Intake Device

The high position air intake system and the engine filter effectively prevent dust entering, and prolong the engine’s service life.