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Electric vs Combustion Forklifts



The manufacturers of electric forklift trucks are optimistic about the future of their product lines. They feel that their forklifts have closed the performance gap often perceived between electric and internal combustion (IC) forklifts, while offering a number of advantages. Increasing environmental concerns, along with advancements in electric controls and battery technology, are helping fuel this positive feeling.




 Advantages and disadvantages of electric and combustion forklifts




Electric Forklifts                      Internal Combustion Forklifts


No emissions (good for indoors)

Less maintenance

Lower operating costs

Longer life

Less carbon emissions (greener)

Less danger of fire


More compact



Lower capital cost

Available in larger sizes

No charging facilities required

Suitable for heavier cycles

Better outdoors

Easier to re-fuel

More robust

Not sensitive to bumpy terrains



Electric and Combustion Forklifts