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We have support and service structures all over South Africa. Contact us today to talk with someone who can help you with your forklift purchase.



An important part of forklift selection is making sure you will have access to high levels of service and support.



There seem to be new players in the forklift market every year and while they may offer a nice truck design at a nice price, if they don't have a local/regional service and support infrastructure, you should be prepared for significant aggravation when the forklift goes down (all forklifts go down at some point).



Ideally, you want a local dealer/repair shop with a good supply of parts for the specific make and model you are purchasing. Visit the dealership or repair shop and take a look at the parts room just to try to get some idea of how many parts they stock and ask them “if they don't have the part, where will it come from?" Hopefully the answer is a nearby, not necessarily local, regional distribution facility.



Also, try to get some idea as to how many of those specific models are currently in use in your area. This is especially important for specialty trucks, such as turrets. if there are only a handful of these forklifts in use in their service area you should assume they are not stocking many (if any) parts for them and probably have very little experience servicing them.



lt’s also helpful if there is more than one business in your area that can service your forklift. This tends to get you better service and pricing. Also important is seeing if they have rentals available that have similar capabilities of the forklift you are buying. Again, this is very important for specialty vehicles such as turrets especially if you are only running one or two of these vehicles in your operation.




Forklift Service and Support