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Decide whether you want to buy a new or used forklift


The selection of used over new forklifts is most beneficial in low use operations where you are putting very little wear and tear on the vehicle. In higher use operations, you very well may find that buying used costs more due to significant maintenance/repair costs that will be incurred. Be aware that there is ‘used’ and there is ‘junk’. Don't buy junk. Used does not necessarily mean old. High-volume operations will purchase new forklifts and trade them in every few years, these make for good used purchases because they are still considered current models and will therefore have greater access to parts and service. Safety is also a consideration since older models will not have the same safety functionality as newer model forklifts.


Working with dealer reps


Dealer reps can be a great source of information and will assist in determining the appropriate forklift, however, keep in mind that truck types can vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer (especially on specialty equipment). When you have narrowed down the type of forklift you are interested in, ask the rep to set up a visit to a similar operation using this type of vehicle and consider getting an on site demo within your own facility.


If you are still unsure, renting your forklift for a couple of months might be a good option. Ask upfront if you can deduct a portion of the rental cost from the purchase price if you decide to buy. This certainly does not cover all of the forklifts and options available as there are many other specialty trucks as well as hybrids of the previous listed vehicles. It does cover most of the more popular types of trucks being used today. Remember, an educated decision is a better decision.





New or Used Forklifts